Viewing Tips for Live Streaming Events

Viewing Tips for Live Streaming Events

Live Streaming is a powerful way to participate in the Christ Path Seminar by watching it live, using your computer’s internet access. We will be using Ustream to provide the live streaming. Here are some helpful tips offered by Ustream to enhance your viewing experience.

Web Browser

Ustream recommends the browsers Firefox or Chrome for viewing. The benefit to Chrome is that it already has Adobe Flash installed by default. If you use Internet Explorer and are having issues, there is a specific guide here:

Install Adobe Flash

Check to make sure that you have an up to date version of Adobe Flash Player by going to this link: Do the test in the same browser that you intend to use for Ustream. If you see the ball move then you have Flash installed. Also check to see if you need to upgrade to the latest version of Flash.

Your Computer

Live streaming can be fairly intensive and can use a big chunk of your computer capacity. It is best to have a dual core system that is less than two years old that has a discrete (non-integrated) graphics card. Netbooks or low power systems should be avoided. Have only the browser open and close all other programs and windows for the best experience. If you notice stuttering you can check the CPU load in the Task Manager (Windows) or Activity Monitor (Mac OS).

If you plan to use an iPad, iPod or iPhone, you will want to download the Ustream App.


You can run a speed test here to determine your downstream Internet bandwidth:  (Please choose the Los Angeles Server.) It is preferred to have 5 Mbps or more of downstream bandwidth. If you share your Internet connection or are on a crowded network then you will want additional bandwidth. Plugging in via an ethernet cable can help you avoid the possibility of an inconsistent wireless connection. Inconsistent bandwidth can cause the stream to stutter or buffer.

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