Read what participants say about the Cosmic Mass Course

Read what participants say about the Cosmic Mass Course….

This course prepared me and my team for all aspects of the Cosmic Mass we produced here in North Carolina. It was clear that we had to let go of planning at parts and let Spirit or the idiosyncrasies of our community guide us. But much of the parts that we could plan came directly from the Manual and the rich discussions we had on our weekly phone calls. I highly recommend the teleconference course for anyone taking on a Cosmic Mass. It will definitely well-prepare you for an amazing event that has SO many elements to consider and gifts to give. – Blake

Thank you for all of your warm, supportive, wise and articulate teaching. Your creative juices are just bursting out and flowing all over us!! What a blessing you have given us. – Betty Lou

Thank you Nicole, for all your empowerment and inspiration! You are a great teacher! I enjoyed every bit of the course: thank you! — Ana

I now really understand what a ‘Cosmic Mass’ is. And I now have many more ideas about how to create an Earth based celebration as a result of the course. — Ian

Thank you SO MUCH for your energy, passion, and commitment to the Cosmic Mass and for the gracious way you have shared it with us. I really appreciate all you have done! – Nancy

I felt I learned a lot, and unlike most classes in my life, this was really practical! – Leon

I commend you on your ability to maintain great presence with each of us as well as provide in depth explanations of the material you taught to us. I also appreciate the guest speakers and their contributions as well. You are a very excellent guide, teacher and transformer! Thank you from my heart! – Regina

It has been such a privilege and pleasure getting to know you. We need many more people like you working for the good of the planet. — Barbara

Nicole, Thank you for your sharing and support. You come form the heart and it shows. I appreciated the course. I got a lot from it. Most importantly I have been inspired to take some action. Keep up the holy work, the world needs you! — James

Thanks again for your hard work on this course… Well done! I look forward to watching your future work and projects, you are indeed a very gifted and powerful person! – Bruce

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