CSource Presents: The Cosmic Mass Certificate Intensive

CSource Presents: The Cosmic Mass Certificate Intensive
 A 7-Week Course with Nicole Porcaro

      Everything you need to know to produce The Cosmic Mass in your community
September 11 – October 23, 2013

Click here to download a recording of a Free Preview, recorded September 4
What is the Cosmic Mass and Why is it So Needed Now?

Nicole PorcaroCourse Dates:

The course will meet on Wednesdays for seven weeks, from September 11 – October 23, 2013, by teleconference. Sessions are two hours long, from 5-7 pm (Pacific Time). All sessions will be recorded and available for download.


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We will use the MaestroConference conferencing platform, which allows interactivity and breakout groups. Also, there will be a private social media Ning group for ongoing discussion and posting among class participants. You will need a telephone with a good connection to call in to the sessions and a computer with Internet connection to access the Ning group. Your call-in number and PIN will be provided upon registration.


Course Description:

The Cosmic Mass is an inter-generational, interfaith ceremony and dancing celebration! A wholistic alternative to traditional worship, it mixes technology with ancient forms of worship such as song and dance. Initiated by priest and author, Matthew Fox, The Cosmic Mass has been celebrated around the world. It is grounded in the four paths of Creation Spirituality, an inclusive philosophy built upon the foundation that we all come into this world as an Original Blessing, honoring the Divine in all creation as well as the universal truths of all religions. In this 7-week teleconference we will explore all of the material contained in the Cosmic Mass Manual along with engaging activities, discussions and guest speakers. Participants will be required to complete the course assignments to receive a certificate from Matthew Fox & Friends of Creation Spirituality.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Cosmic MassHistory and Evolution of TCM
  • Components of TCM
  • Creation Spirituality & Cosmic Christ Theology
  • Structure of TCM – the 4 Paths
  • Music – live and DJ Dance
  • Visual imagery
  • Altars and Creativity
  • Group Trance Dance
  • Weaving the Flow
  • Production Design
  • Logistics beyond the Space
  • Money
  • Publicity
  • Organizing Structures
  • Inspiration for Revitalizing Worship!

Nicole PorcaroInstructor:

Director of the Cosmic Mass Nicole Porcaro has a BA in Theater-­Arts/Dance and an MA in Liberal Arts/Creation Spirituality. She began working on The Cosmic Mass in 1999 as a graduate student at the University of Creation Spirituality. She has worked on more than 20 Cosmic Masses and taught the Cosmic Mass Certificate Intensive offered by the Friends of Creation Spirituality. Nicole is passionate about teaching, collaborating, enlivening worship and creating sacred space.


The cost for the 7-week course is $199 (about $14 an hour). You may pay in one payment of $199 or two payments of $99.50. Those who complete the requirements of the course will receive a Certificate of Completion issued by The Friends of Creation Spirituality, signed by Matthew Fox.

Cost also includes a downloadable copy of The Cosmic Mass Manual, by Nicole Porcaro with Matthew Fox, recordings of all the class sessions and access to the online classroom for ongoing connection with Nicole and your fellow students. 

Read what course participants say…

The Cosmic Mass Documentary, by the CBC:

Cosmic Mass of the Triangle:

North Carolina graduates from the TCM certificate course are producing their first Cosmic Mass on January 12, 2013 – click here for more info about their event and community.

Cosmic Mass of the Triangle


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