All you need is love…and yet…

Where there is love there is life.
—Mahatma Gandh

It sounds so simple—this thing called love. “Love one another.” “Love your neighbor as yourself.” “Love God with all your heart, mind and soul.” And yet….

Why is it so hard to really embody love in our lives and radiate its essence to everyone and everything?

When we experience hurts and emotional pain, negative patterns become crystallized deep in our psyches. These shadowy patterns become drivers for our behavior in relationship with others.

That's me!

That’s me!

In my own life, I have seen this unfold in a dramatic way— starting at the moment of my birth. I was born in a Chicago hospital in the mid 1950s. My mother received a spinal block to relieve the pain of childbirth. A misplaced needle ruptured a disc in her spine, creating a debilitating injury that would plague her the rest of her life. My entry into the world changed Mom’s life forever—and created a dynamic between us that was colored by this unfortunate accident. I was the child that “broke my Mom.” How could I be loved? Ever?

I share this personal story now for the first time, because I realize it is not my story alone. We all have stories of heartache, abandonment, betrayal and loss. We all have wounds—and even though we may be unaware of it, these wounds can create in our psyches negative patterns that cause us later pain, confusion and affect our capacity to give and receive love.

Madonna Art by Adorata Founder Tiziana DellaRovere

Art by Adorata Founder Tiziana DellaRovere

Love impacts everything in our lives and all of our relationships—with family members, lovers, friends, coworkers and even our relationship with the Divine. That’s why the work of mystic, artist and humanitarian Tiziana DellaRovere is so important. Tiziana has developed Adorata, the Path of Enlovement, a system of spiritual practice that enables us to break through the crystallized patterns, and bring love in to our bodies through the alchemical sacred union of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.

The foundation of the Adorata path is made up of the 16 Divine Virtues. The study and practice of the Virtues is not merely an intellectual activity, but an initiation—a sensual and mystical experience of embodying sixteen fundamental aspects of the Divine.

Now, for the first time, the Adorata teachings are available as an online course taught by Dr. Jodine Turner. The CSource course includes eight monthly sessions, beginning August 9.

 Join me, along with Dr. Turner,  for a free hour-long preview on July 26, 2014 at 10 am Pacific Time. The two of us will discuss the course and give you a taste of the material and practices it includes. Register here to sign up for the free preview. 

The Adorata Virtues Course is an Initiation into the sacred marriage of the inner masculine and feminine. In the online course you will read the Adorata sacred text and prose, do meditations, dance, ritual, art, insightful exercises and introspection, as well as incorporating practical suggestions in applying the Virtues in your daily life. You will also learn the powerful Adorata Meditation, which is the mainstay of the Adorata system. The Adorata system has the power to penetrate into the shadow and release us from the deep wounds that haunt us—giving us the capacity to radiate love from the very core of our beings. To this I say, Thank you!


Dr. Jodine Turner

Course instructor, Dr. Jodine Turner, is a certified Adorata Practitioner, who has undergone a five year training program taught by Tiziana DellaRovere. She is also a best selling author of the Goddess of the Stars and the Sea series—mystical adventure tales about facing our deepest pain and transforming it through the power of embodied love. Jodine has a doctorate degree in counseling and brings her multi-faceted experience to the coursework, to teach people practical ways to embody love.

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I hope you feel the call to this initiation into embodied love and will join us for our free introduction webinar on July 26!Di w:Stars

I send you my blessings!
Di Wolverton,
Founder, CSource