You are a blessing!

The Universe, and all within it, is fundamentally a blessing. 
Our relationship with the Universe fills us with awe. 
—Principal 1 of The 12 Principles of Creation Spirituality


We are all blessings–part of the great blessing that is this world, this magnificent Universe. Sometimes we forget how much of a blessing we are and become like George Bailey from the 1946 movie classic,  It’s a Wonderful Life. George found himself in a bit of a pickle and proclaimed, “It would be better if I were never born!” The angel Clarence intervened with George and showed him the truth about his life and what a tremendous blessing he had been to everyone around him.

What if Clarence were to visit you right now to help you remember and celebrate your own blessed nature?  Take a moment to think about what he might reveal. How are you a blessing to yourself, to your family, to your pets, to your community, to the creatures of the Earth and the natural world? Post your answers here so we can celebrate together! Start your post with, “I am a blessing….”

It could be something in the moment, “I am a blessing to my house. I just vacuumed it. WooHoo!”

Dean in TubOr, something more serious, “I am a blessing to my African Tortoise. I rescued him from Animal Control.  Every day is a learning experience with him, but I’m dedicated to providing him the best life possible. (He’s a blessing to me, too!)

Or, something Cosmic, “I am a blessing as part of a Universe of blessings.”

Or….what comes to mind for you?

I look forward to hearing from you and celebrating the blessings we are!